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FusionPBX is an open source FreeSWITCH GUI. FusionPBX can be used as a high available single or domain based multi-tenant PBX, carrier grade switch, call center server, fax server, voip server, voicemail server, conference server, voice application server, appliance framework and more. FreeSWITCHtm is a highly scalable, multi-threaded, multi-platform communication platform. FusionPBX license is the MPL 1.1 license.

It can be run on most operating systems on the hardware of your choice. It provides unlimited extensions, voicemail-to-email, music on hold, call parking, call center, call queues, analog lines or high density T1/E1 circuits and many other features. It provides the functionality your business needs and brings corporate level phone system features to small, medium and large businesses.

April 2015 - FusionPBX Admin Training

Topics Covered in the Class:

  • Multi-Tenant
  • Phone Setup and Provisioning
  • Operator Panel
  • Extensions
  • Inbound and Outbound call routing
  • IVR Menu (Auto Attendant)
  • Dialplan
  • Voicemail
  • Company Directory
  • Conference Center
  • Fax Server
  • Fax to Email
  • Inbound / Outbound Fax Server
  • Working with NAT
  • Call Flows / Day Night Mode
  • Time Conditions
  • Call Center
  • Call Recording
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Barge
  • Follow me and Call Forward
  • Parking
  • Paging
  • Provider Setup
  • Phrases
  • Screen Pop with Caller ID-->
  • Multi-Category / Multi-tenant Music on Hold
  • Voicemail to Email
  • XML handler - on demand config from the database
  • New Features in FusionPBX 3.8
  • and more...

Training Details Date:
    14, 15 and 16th April 2015 - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

    09:00 - 16:00 MDT

Training Center:
  • Online with Webex
  • Physical location to be announced.
  • Learn FusionPBX faster with best practices
  • Leave the Training notes and documention.
  • Desktop and audio are recorded and provided to those that atttend the training.
  • Meet and collobarte with others that use FusionPBX
  • Rebranding allowed for those that attend online or in person one training class per year.
Remote Access to the Class
  • Shared audio and video
  • Remote Desktop
  • Location anywhere with a good Internet Connection
  • Same price as on-site training
Refund Policy
  • Class fee is non-refundable. However if you are unable to attend the class it is transferrable to another person in your organization or 8 hours phone or training support.
  • $995.00 per person
  • Discounts are available for groups
Questions about the training call 208-906-8227 or support@fusionpbx.com

FusionPBX 3.8 Coming Soon.
The next release is just around the corner. Fixing a few more bugs and just a little more polish and it will be ready.
    Summary of Changes More of the improvements will be shown after the release.
    • Device Key profiles - save time with provisioning endpoints.
    • Show all button for all domain on Devices, Destinations, CDR, CDR statistics
    • Ability to move devices, dialplans and destinations (DIDs) to other domains
    • Google Contacts Import
    • Fax Improvements
    • Contacts several unlimited URLs and Emails.
    • Call Forward on Busy and No Answer
    • Improved LDAP integration
    • Operator Panel
    • Phrases with XML files and XML handler
    • Call Center config with XML handler
    • Failed List - with voicemail to email resend
    • Improved Provisioning Templates
    • Group Permissions global by default
    • Many bug fixes
    • And more...
FusionPBX 3.6 Official Release.
Release Notes
  • Provisioning has been almost completely been rewritten. Uses Smarty template engine for enabling customizability greater control of provisionig more of the phones features. Multiple line keys can be assigned to the device. Key assignment for multiple lines, blf keys, park, record and more. Central control to Un-Register, Restart, and Provision. Support most major phone manufacturers and models.
  • Search added to the dialplan (inbound/outbound routes), destinations, domains, extensions, devices and more.
  • Theme customizable to per domain (tenant)
  • Domain select tool with search
  • Domain name can be renamed
  • Safe to rename gateways
  • Dialplan destinations select destination
  • Per domain variables
  • Stronger Security
  • Per extension call recording
  • Per extension call summary
  • Easier Call Center interface
  • CDR Date Range Search
  • Default Settings Copied to Domains
  • Multiple delete for dialplans and default settings
  • Global dialplan and outbound route support
  • Call center recording option enhanced gui
  • Call center tiers integrated into Call Center Queues
  • Notications - get notified of events, security and bug fixes
  • Follow Me - Per destination prompt
  • Ring Groups - Per destination prompt
  • Ring Groups - Skip active destinations
  • Backup
  • and much more...
  • Send fax in multilple formats including .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx and more...
  • It was decided that development versions will be odd numbers and releases even numbers. That aligns FusionPBX with the release number convention used by the FreeSWITCH developers.

Project Information
It works on your favorite OS.

FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, Open Solaris, and more...

Database Support:

PostgreSQL, SQlite, and MySQL

Additional database support is coming

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