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If you're serious about helping FusionPBX grow and progress, sign up now as a FusionPBX Member and gain access to the benefits highlighted below.

Receive News & Updates

FusionPBX Members receive regular updates on new features and behavioral changes in the project, as well as advanced warning of any security related issues. Be in the know as a Member.
Official Support

Because of the growing popularity of FusionPBX, only FusionPBX Members are offered Official Support options. As a Member, you can take advantage of direct access to hands-on assistance from the developers of FusionPBX by purchasing support hours. Get expert help when you need it.
Advanced Bug Reporting

Beyond submitting your own Bug Reports, FusionPBX Members also get to view select bug reports from other users; saving you the valuable time spent communicating the details of an issue that's already known. Become a Member today and help make FusionPBX even more awesome.
Official Training

Members receive access to past Admin Training Videos, Advanced Training Videos and exclusive, advanced Member Documentation. This is valuable documentation that we are confident you will find it to be essential and important to your business.
Feature Videos

To speed up the learning process, FusionPBX Members are encouraged to peruse the growing library of Feature Videos, to get quickly up to speed on a specific feature of FusionPBX. More videos are added on a regular basis, with the intent to help Members become expert FusionPBX system administrators; feeling confident in their ability to manage their telephony environment with ease.
Continuing Education

Receive access to an exclusive live session each month with developers of FusionPBX. Attending will help you stay on top of recent advancements, bug fixes, interface changes, and other relevant updates. If you're serious about telephony, and rely on FusionPBX as a revenue stream, you won't want to miss these valuable meetings.
The Bonus

If the above wasn't enough, as a FusionPBX Member you'll feel good knowing you are actively supporting the continued development of a project you depend on.  :-)

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Becoming a FusionPBX Member requires a ONE (1) YEAR COMMITMENT (to be understood as 12 consecutive months) from the date you join. Failure to maintain a valid payment method during this period may result in your membership being permanently terminated, and all support options forfeited. Following the commitment term, your membership will continue automatically on a monthly basis, but you may cancel at any time. Note: If you have paid for, and participated in, an Official FusionPBX Training course, the standard 1-year commitment does not apply.