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Install Script

Debian Install
Debian 9 are the recommended operating systems. Start with a minimal install. You can download Debian 9 from here or Debian 8 from here. Then run the following commands as 'root'.

wget -O - | sh;

cd /usr/src/ && ./

FreeBSD Install
Start with a minimal install of FreeBSD 11.1. Then run the following commands as 'root'.

pkg install --yes git

cd /usr/src && git clone

cd /usr/src/ && ./

CentOS Install
Start with a minimal install of CentOS 7. Then run the following commands as 'root'.

yum install wget

wget -O - | sh

cd /usr/src/ && ./

Web Server - NGINX
The default is NGINX as its small fast and easy to configure HTTPs is pre-configured with a self signed certificate.

Database Server - PostgreSQL or SQLite
PostgreSQL is an advanced ANSI SQL compliant database. It is stable and powerful. It has native UUID data types, native JSON support, Foreign Data Wrappers, multi-master replication and a lot more. Multi-master file and database replication are taught in the FusionPBX Advanced training. SQLite is a great choice for embedded systems. SQLite should not be used for the FusionPBX database for multi-tenant systems.

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