Official FusionPBX Training

Hands-on courses to help you succeed!

Admin Training

Become an expert in FusionPBX administration by attending an upcoming Admin Class. Think you know FusionPBX already without training you will be surprised what you didn't know. Sign up for an Admin Class to get the skills necessary for an edge over your competition. Classes will accelerate knowing how to use FusionPBX.

Advanced Training

Sign up for an Advanced Class to get the skills necessary for redundancy, high availability and scalability. Advanced class cover several advanced topics like file and database replication.

Each training is recorded with webex and is made available to those that attend the next class in addition to the live class. This will help you know what to look forward to in the live class and may answer questions you currently have. Each class has a foundation of content that is covered but is unique due to the questions that participants ask.

Sign up for both Admin and Advanced Classes to get the total advantage.

Upcoming Events

Begins Course Days Location  
Wednesday, December 4 Advanced Class 2 Boise, Idaho

* Online Training is always available. Many people are unable to attend in person so the training is available online using Cisco WebEx allowing you to participate in real-time over the Internet. To ensure your system is compatible with WebEx, please test a WebEx meeting on your device prior to the day of the class. Additional information will be provided to you prior to the class.

Continuing Education

If you are a FusionPBX Member, you can keep up with the latest changes and receive additional insights into FusionPBX by attending monthly two-hour Continuing Education sessions free of charge.

Upcoming Sessions

Session Begins Time Location
Continuing Education Thursday, December 19 10:00 - 13:00 America/Boise Online Only *

* Note: All Continuing Education sessions are recorded, and made available to FusionPBX Members within the Account Portal.

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